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Friday, June 01, 2018

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TX Nat Bank

At Texas National Bank, we take our customers, their families, and our commitment to our local community seriously. Ever since our earliest days in 1985, our goal has been to help people like you make the right financial decisions – the kind that help you and your family prosper for both the short and long term.

Our bank is about more than just a typical banking business model. It’s undeniably true that we provide a full suite of banking services, from personal checking and savings accounts to commercial services and mortgage lending. But we’ve also fully invested in shaping our approach to be truly attentive to the people we serve.

When you make a phone call to your local Texas National Bank branch, you won’t reach a robotic voice or someone in a faraway national call center. You’ll speak to someone working near you, who lives near you, and may even recognize your voice. When you walk through the doors of your local bank beneath the Big Blue Roof, you’ll see friendly faces that recognize you and call you by name.

The financial products and services we offer are designed with East Texans in mind. While we always strive to stay at the forefront of digital technology and new techniques for helping you keep your finances healthy, we also recognize that all our offerings should be tailored around the specific needs of families and individuals in our region. We’ve never taken the easy route the national financial institutions take – the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. We make sure the solutions we provide fit you, your family, and your life perfectly.

The high bar we set for ourselves isn’t just because we’re committed to customer service. We believe that banking is a problem solving profession, one in which every decision should be made with careful consideration and respect. That’s why the team at the Texas National Bank branches in Jacksonville, Longview, Tyler, Marshall, Rusk, and Bullard work hard to exceed your expectations when it comes to meeting your financial needs with personalized solutions.

We’ve certainly made progress over the years. But from humble first steps in Jacksonville, to confident leaps into cities like Tyler and Longview, we’ve maintained the same core values. Our customers are our neighbors, and like any good neighbor, we want to help our neighborhood flourish.

There’s no doubt that this place is a unique part of the world, so let’s keep it that way. We’re proud to be an independent, locally owned bank, and we hope you’ll come along with us as we watch East Texas grow.