Other Commercial Banking Services

Other than our Commercial Deposit and Savings accounts, we offer additional services that can make banking easier for you and your company.

ACH Originations*

Are you tired of writing checks for payroll on a continual basis? We can set up employee direct deposit payments through our ACH Originator. All the employees need is a valid checking or savings account that will accept the direct deposit. Setup is easy and secure. ACH Originations can also be used for automatic payment deductions from your customer’s accounts (with prior approval from your customer).

*Subject to credit approval

Remote Deposit Capture*

Have you ever been to a large retailer, written a check and noticed the employee slide your check through a machine? That’s remote deposit capture! We offer this service and it takes the hassle out of going to the bank to make your check deposits every day. You can literally make a check deposit from the convenience of your desk.

With RDC you can:

*Subject to credit approval

Wire Transfers

Need to wire money? At each of our branch locations we offer domestic and international, incoming and outgoing wires. Visit any of our locations to conduct your wire transfer today.

Business Credit Card*

We make it easy to choose the credit card that is right for you. Our Business Visa® Card is available in two options, Standard Card with no annual fee or the Preferred Points Card.

Business Card - Standard Card




Business Card - Preferred Points




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**Please see application for information about current APRs and fees.

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